Dermal fillers temporarily enhance volume of the skin using a naturally occurring substance. One or more of the vials are typically used to add volume to: Cheeks and cheek hollows, lips (upper, lower or both), chin.

Determining each individual’s requirements, selecting the right treatment zone, judging the dosage and recording all of that data for future reference are all exacting and critical to the ongoing success of a cosmetic injection program.

That’s why, at SkinCentral Aesthetics our qualified and experienced doctors and nursing professionals administer Medical Cosmetic Injections.

  • Dermal fillers for cheeks and cheek hollows
  • Dermal fillers for the lips – upper, lower or both
  • Dermal fillers for the chin

Please note, pricing varies on fillers. A quote will be provided at your registered nurse injector and doctors consult.


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